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Providing Scalp Micro-Pigmentation / Hair Loss tattoo services in Christchurch - New Zealand

Here is a picture of me working to restore a clients hair loss and hairline, we also managed to cover the scars on the back of his head.

Who we are.

Hi my names Matt Parkin, I’m a professional tattoo artist of twenty years. i’ve worked all over the world tattooing and have my own studio in Christchurch.

I became very interested in the art of SMP (hair tattoos) years ago after seeing some great SMP artists in America getting photo realistic results from this procedure. I was also very interested in it as I wanted my own scalp done! I had worn hats my whole life and also had a lot of scarring on my scalp from dermatitis.

I ended up getting mine done and haven't looked back. It’s restored my self-esteem immensely. I just can't speak highly enough of this procedure. I am convinced this is the best hair loss solution for male pattern baldness, receding hairlines, reviving density and scar removal.

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What We Do

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation / Hair Loss tattoo services

First of all we need to establish your amount of hair loss and we do this with a quick consultation. Once we have established what we are going to do, we’ll book the first session.

You would then shave your head down to number one or to no clip at all (if you haven't already), then come in for an appointment and we will start by working from the back forward depending on your level of hair loss.. The first session would be two to four hours maximum and we will be applying small dots that mimic hair follicles, Once this heals (after 2 weeks) you can return for the second session which is running over the same area to build tone that matches your existing hair, and also moving towards the front more.

The third session (depending on your level of hair loss) will be the hairline on your forehead, where we draw it on first and get the ok from you. You can have a hard hairline or a soft natural hairline it's up to you.

I always recommend a final touch up to get everything looking nice and clean.

By this stage if you keep your hair shaved every couple of days you will not be able to tell it's a tattoo at all, it looks that real!

Unfortunately we can't give you a blanket cost, as every client is different with different levels of hair loss.

Hairline SMP - Hair Loss Tattoo Services
Hairline SMP - Hair Loss Tattoo Services

What Our Clients Say...

"I had been bald for over 16 years before I first heard of Scalp Micropigmentation. Since the age of 27, I had worn a baseball cap to hide my receding hairline. When I first heard of the procedure I admit I was skeptical, I thought, that sounds unbelievable, too good to be true. So I looked into it at my own pace and constantly thought about it.

While researching SMP I saw positive results online, but I didn't have the courage to try something so out there. I thought - What if my hair is too light or fine? What if it doesn't look right, there's no going back!

My fear was real and I decided against it.

Then months later I was lucky enough to see in person a recipient of SMP, I couldn't believe how realistic this hair looked. I was speechless, I was envious, I made my decision right there and then. I wanted to take back control of my appearance.

Matt at Hairline SMP explained the process in detail, he made me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole procedure and once the sessions were completed, I was so impressed, It looked real, I had my hairline back!

A true test of how amazing SMP is, and also the quality of Matt's work was when I told a work colleague I had had the procedure, they stood there and laughed at me, "No you didn't, that's your hair". They thought I was joking. I still think they believe it's my hair, after all, they had only ever seen me in my baseball cap for all those years where I hid my secret.

I was never a vain person, but when I lost my hair - I lost my confidence and I lost control of something many take for granted, to have that confidence back is unexplainable.

To anyone considering taking the step to SMP, I hope my story helps you to understand the effect it has had on me and how it may help you.

Thank you Matt at Hairline SMP"